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4-Year-old girl serenades cancer-stricken mom in heart-melting performance

Just the headline from this viral video is enough to elicit tears, but it’s almost impossible to stop them once you watch 4-year-old McKenna sing Martina McBride’s “I’m Gonna Love You Through It” to her cancer-stricken mother.

As her mom, who is suffering from Hodgkin lymphoma, sits in a chair in the middle of some sort of celebration, McKenna wows everyone watching. No one is more touched, of course, than her mom, who mouths the words along with her as she wipes away tears.

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It’s such a perfect song of hope and support and love, and coming from that adorable little voice… it’s just overwhelmingly powerful. The hug at the end pulls at every single last heartstring.

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While suffering through a serious illness as a mother has to be one of the most difficult things, seeing the love and support of your family like this has got to be some of the best medicine. Many well wishes for the whole family.

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