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Little boy has one seriously funny question for mom about maxi pads (VIDEO)

Ah, gotta love kids. When you want to teach them about, say, how water turns into ice, they’ve got better things to do. Yet when the subject of maxi pads comes up, they suddenly have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge!

Mom Ebony Clark was recently at the store with her two (adorable) boys when one of them picked up a giant pack of maxi pads and began grilling his mother about what they were for. Actually, correction, he seemed to be telling her what they were for. As he holds the totally conspicuous package (42 count, baby!), the boy keeps telling his mom that she “uses the pads for her butt.” And, yes, it’s hilarious.

Check out the video. You know you can relate:

It’s OK, you can laugh. We all are. And Clark obviously finds the humor in this, since she posted it to her Facebook page. I think my favorite part is when the boy says that she used them for her butt “in their old house.” It’s funny the things that stick out in little ones’ minds. It’s like, can we have our periods in peace, kids?!

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Part of the beauty of children is their endless curiosity for everything — a curiosity that knows no bounds. Children around the age of this little cutie in the video don’t know the meaning of taboo or what is or isn’t appropriate to — loudly — talk about in public. It’s part of what makes them so incredibly precious.

The sticky part for parents, though, is when kids start asking about things that you’re not quite ready to talk about, or haven’t yet decided exactly how you want to talk about them. We, of course, all want to be open and honest with our kids — and we want to be the ones to tell them about things like periods and sex — but sometimes little ones can catch us off guard, before we’ve yet figured out our plan of attack. (This shouldn’t be that surprising, though, being that nothing seems to get past kids!)

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One of the better approaches, and the approach that Clark obviously took, is to have a sense of humor about things when it comes to kids and their nosiness (and kids are nosy). If you’re not quite sure how you’re going to broach a subject, deflect — or at least try to deflect — and then figure out how you’re going to go about things. Also, if you are ready to explain the menstrual cycle to your kid, probably best not do it in the middle of a grocery store, ’cause, you know, the 2-year-old nearby might not be ready to find out.

If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that kids will always tell it like it is. If there’s another, it’s that there’s a pretty good chance that your toddler thinks pads are diapers.

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Image: Reddit

How has your toddler embarrassed you in public?

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