Dad 'blows up his kid' in mean prank (VIDEO)

Oct 13, 2015 at 2:28 p.m. ET

Being able to take a joke is a good quality, but knowing when a joke has gone way too far is a more important one — one which YouTube star Roman Atwood clearly does not possess.

In a video that's going viral, he pranks his girlfriend by tricking her into believing that their 3-year-old son has just been blown up in a fiery ATV crash right in front of her eyes. What's funny about that? Exactly nothing.


There are so many things that could go wrong here, and there's absolutely no upside besides this guy getting his sick thrill. What if she had been so frightened that she rushed into the fire or did something dangerous to try to help the boy? What if she was so scared that she had a heart attack or stroke? What happens if the kid really is in trouble one day, and she is so fed up with pranks that she doesn't even react to help him?

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It's not the first time Atwood has pranked her using their son and a scary situation either, which is why her recognition that it's a prank comes sooner than you might expect. Why she continues to put up with such behavior is unclear. Some speculate that she could even be in on it, which still doesn't make it OK.

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This sets a dangerous example that other parents are sure to try and follow. With millions and millions of views on these videos, there are no doubt countless other parents out there plotting and scheming ways to scare their spouses or co-parents with pranks that involve their children getting hurt or killed. It's not funny. It's mean, cruel and dangerous. Stop.

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