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Couple sets a new bar for viral pregnancy announcements (PHOTO)

Face it, parents: Surprising friends and family with news that you’re pregnant is no longer as easy as putting a gentle hand on your belly and saying “no” to a glass of wine with a sly wink. The Internet has set the bar for pregnancy announcements pretty darn high.

But if you think you need to hire a video crew to really wow the masses, you’re wrong. One family going viral thanks to a post on Life of Dad’s Facebook page showed just how simple it is to nail the pregnancy announcement.

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America… this… is parenting:

You laughed because you recognize that scene, didn’t you? Mom’s puking her guts out, and Dad’s all “Hey world! I’m gonna be a papa!” It’s not his fault dads have all the luck.

It’s just… simple. And true. Which is what you’ve got to love about the announcement.

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Sure, there was no mass production budget for this pregnancy reveal, and no one ran around dressed as sperm (yes, that really happened), but they got you to laugh, didn’t they?

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