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Mom-to-be’s engagement announcement goes oh so wrong

A woman shared a happy Facebook post about her recent engagement. Even though she didn’t have a “real” ring yet, she posted a photo of herself and her new fiancé to share the happy news.

What Miranda Levy didn’t realize at first was that there was something in the bottom left corner of the photo that she probably should have cropped out — especially considering that she might have wanted to wait to let this particular cat out of the bag.

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At first glance, the photo looks like a standard “Yay, we’re engaged!” photo — a woman and her partner relaxing on the couch, her hand in the air, temporary ring held high. However, it doesn’t take too long before her friends sniff out another little nugget of info, buried near the bottom of the pic.

Soon the messages from her pals and family members start rolling in, with suggestions that maybe she should have cropped the photo and plenty of “Wait, what?” The gem of the thread is definitely the last message, which appears to be from her father, who suggests she needs to call home because her mother is confused.

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Levy too was confused at the weird trickle of comments, as she had no clue there was a pregnancy test box in the corner of the pic. Once she makes the connection, she then adds another update, this time saying, “Hey guys, we’re having a baby, too.”

We’ve all seen Internet sharing FAILs. For example, who can forget the poor girl taking a selfie in the bathroom? She forgets to, ahem, flush the toilet, leaving its contents in full view. Taking a photo and posting it online always has that little element of risk, even from the early eBay days, when people would accidentally upload photos that reflected things they didn’t necessarily want the world to see.

This isn’t much of a FAIL, though, just a hilarious “oops” that might make some of us glad our baby-making days were well before the advent of social media. This couple has had to fess up sooner than expected (many parents-to-be wait until the first trimester is over, as most miscarriages happen before 12 weeks), but it’s still hilarious.

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So for the rest of you, make sure there are no pregnancy tests lying around when you take an engagement photo to announce your upcoming nuptials. Because we’ll sniff out the truth soon enough.

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