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Little girl’s excuse for breaking rules: The Barbies made her do it (VIDEO)

We all try to teach our kids that lying is wrong, as we should. However, when they’re toddlers and they lie about the craziest things, it’s hard not to love it.

Take Sophia in the following video. She simply won’t be swayed from her story that her Barbie dolls made her paint their fingernails inside the house. In fact, they told her to do it “100 times!” while Sophia “be saying no.” How on Earth can it be her fault?

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There’s definitely a line between lying and a vivid imagination that can get especially blurry at the toddler age. She may really believe they told her this; she’s certainly convincing.

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Lying is actually very normal in children, and experts say that almost all children experiment with lies by the age of 4. Talking with them about the importance of the truth rather than punishing them seems to be more effective in the long term. Also, lying shows they have a conscience, because they at least know they’ve done something wrong.

As for little Sophia, we hope she and those Barbies can work things out and they aren’t too mad at her for throwing them under the bus.

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