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The simple secret weapon to battling low self-esteem in girls (VIDEO)

To be the parent of a little girl in America is to fear the age of 12.

That’s when study after study has shown that our little spitfires’ self-esteem is most likely to plummet, and it won’t improve until age 20 — if at all.

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But what if there was something moms and dads could do, a relatively simple way to prevent our daughters from feeling like there is something wrong with them just because of their gender? Maybe there is: Teach our daughters (and our sons) about feminism. That’s what the Hatch program did over a year-long period. And the results speak for themselves:

It may not seem like kids need to hear about feminism. After all, it’s a grown-up issue. But when we don’t broach these important topics, our kids are left with questions:

definition of feminism
Image: SheKnows

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But knowledge is power, and that’s what kids have when they’re informed about feminism. They’re able to advocate for themselves and for others. Simply understanding what the word means is the first step: 

a feminist is
Image: SheKnows

And even better? They feel good about themselves:

feminism confidence
Image: SheKnows

In one year these girls grew to understand the true meaning of the word feminism. We need to teach our kids that it is not a dirty word. To help your kids understand gender bias and what it really means to be a feminist, download our activity guide PDF.

This is the first post in a new series on SheKnows called The F Word: Feminism Is Not a Dirty Word. We want girls and boys and women and men to proudly say #YesIAmAFeminist.

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