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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a mom!

They may wear comfy yoga pants instead of flashy capes, but moms have special powers that rival any superhero’s.

Just because we don’t wear spandex bodysuits under our clothes or have a secret lair in the basement (we wish!) doesn’t mean moms aren’t superheroes. The everyday tasks moms handle are actually pretty impressive when you consider that we don’t have magical powers to help us pull things off. Here are 11 superhero acts moms perform all the time that you’ve probably never considered before.

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1. Super speed.

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You can forget to tell a mom about tomorrow’s bake sale until after dinner the night before, and she’ll still manage to pull off baking or buying eight dozen cupcakes by the following morning. Beat that, Superman.

2. Perfect timing.

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Moms don’t need a Bat Signal to know when there’s trouble afoot. When the house gets just a little too quiet, that’s our cue to spring into action and prevent the kids from using that baby powder to make an indoor snowstorm.

3. Master of memory.

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Be it doctors’ appointments, the family’s favorite ice cream flavor or what their child’s very first word was, moms can recall an impressive number of details and facts.

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4. Monster slayer.

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The nameless thing lurking under the bed and bad-dream boogeymen are no match for a mom. She knows just what to say and do to make them scram.

5. Multitasking prowess.

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Moms don’t need extra mechanical arms like Doc Ock to handle helping with homework, making dinner and doing laundry all at the same time.

6. Finding lost things.

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Because only a mom can help you locate your missing sneaker when you swear you’ve looked everywhere, and she doesn’t even need X-ray vision to do it.

7. Feeling fixer.

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After a bad day, there are few things that can draw a child out of their sour mood faster than a pep talk from Mom.

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8. Culinary genius.

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Chopped is an entire television show where professional chefs can win money and accolades trying to make delicious meals out of just a few mismatched ingredients. But moms regularly face the challenge of making dinner with a depleted pantry and a kid with a picky palate that could give a television judge a run for their money any night.

9. Expert interpreter.

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Toddler gibberish is incomprehensible to many, but moms are naturally fluent and can interpret what their tot is saying with ease.

10. Everlasting energy.

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Moms have the ability to function surprisingly well on small amounts of rest. Some suspect caffeine may be the source of this power, but we’re not sharing our secret!

11. Stopping pain in its tracks.

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Because everyone knows that a mom’s kiss has magical boo-boo healing powers.

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