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Baby girl’s unique football-inspired name has fans seriously divided

It can be hard to pick a baby name — you want it to be one you like, one that goes well with your last name, and maybe even one that is meaningful to you and your family. It’d also be nice to have a name that will be somewhat timeless… at least, for the duration of that baby’s life. That’s why if you’re thinking about naming your baby after something like your favorite band, a hit movie, or, like the couple in this story, your local football team, you may need to think again.

On Sunday, a couple from Seattle, Washington, parents to new baby girl Elloebee, posted the following to the Facebook page of local King 5 News:

For those who don’t know, “LOB” stands for “Legion of Boom” which is what fans call Seattle’s defense. And like the people who named their daughter Cyndee Leigh 12th Mann (referring the team’s fans, aka, the 12th Man) a few years back, these are clearly some serious Seattle football fans.

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In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that I am a Seahawks fan. And I don’t mean a casual fan, I mean I watch all the games, own a jersey and know every player by name. I love this team. And yet… and yet… it may be a mistake to name your baby after their secondary defense.

I’m one of those party poopers who isn’t a fan of unique baby names. If you give your child a name that they are going to have to spell and explain to people for the rest of their lives, well, that’s bound to be rough. If you want them to be unique, let them dye their hair orange, or wear newspapers as pants; there’s no need to saddle them with a name like “Kumquat” or “Texarkana.”

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I do give this couple props for a few reasons, though. First of all, go Hawks. Second, that is one cute baby. And third, they named her Elloebee and not “LOB.” And they could have. People have done much worse (Adolph Hitler Campbell, anyone?). So let her go by “Ellie” and maybe keep these kinds of choices a little closer to the vest, next time.

I’ll see little Knee Pads at the next game.

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