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7 Experts posts that taught us what it means to be a parent

Being a parent is the hardest job in the world. And the most fun job in the world. And the grossest. And the most terrifying. And the most complicated. One of the things I love about the Experts Among Us community is that whatever your feelings are about the reality parenting, you can share them — and someone out there probably knows exactly how you’re feeling.

To celebrate the second anniversary of SheKnows Experts Among Us, we’re showcasing our favorite posts in the history of the community. Here are some of the most popular and most original Experts parenting posts, as well as some of my personal favorites.

1. Why hide-and-seek is the best game ever for moms

Establish your “counting home base” in close proximity to your secret stash. The contents and location of your secret stash may vary, but mine involves chocolate.

Hide and seek
Image: Amber Dusick

2. 13 Things every mom should teach her daughter

“I have two daughters, 10 and 12. As their curves become more evident and their schedules fuller, I realize their education as women cannot be left to chance. Celebrities, Photoshop, lyrics and their peers are all shaping their definition of the should, could and would of girlhood.

“Yet what their culture is teaching them about authenticity and honor often misses the mark. The kind of beauty and popularity that lasts a lifetime can’t be achieved with a mascara wand or a few pounds lost.”

3. Why my family marches in the Pride parade every year

Our oldest boy is a gender-creative shooting star, whose days are filled with sparkles and twirls. Marching in the parade gives him confidence in who he is and fills my and his mother’s hearts with pride for our strong little boy. One year he even wore a fluffy tutu to go along with his fancy fascinator, and the amount of positivity he got from strangers was amazing.”

4. The ‘Clean Plate Club’ is evil and I refuse to be a member

“In the past, these techniques may have been thought to work. In which case society would have been left with a legacy of healthy eating adults. That is clearly not the case. Yes, you may have survived childhood and grown into an adult who eats ‘grown-up food,’ but do you eat healthfully? Do you overeat?

“Chances are, that if you live in the developed world, the answer is ‘yes,’ you do overeat.”

5. 9 Really helpful tips for successful co-parenting

“The difficult key to co-parenting successfully is to focus only on the children. This means putting your own emotions of anger, resentment and hurt toward your ex aside for the sake of focusing on your child’s future, well-being and stability. After all, you are the adult here. Never vent to your child. Your feelings are important, but get them out somewhere else… a therapist, a friend, even exercise are great outlets for your emotions. Children should never be in the middle of the emotional battle between parents. Do not use them as a sounding board or as messengers between the two of you.”

6. 6 Things you should never ever say to adoptive parents

“1. How much did the baby cost?

“The adoption process does not consist of adoptive parents going to the baby store and picking out a baby. There is no price tag. No matter how you grow your family, having a baby is expensive. Think of the doctor’s appointments and hospital bills that come with pregnancy, not to mention all the stuff the baby needs. Adoptive parents just pay for the ‘having a baby’ costs in a different way and with different timing versus the costs of giving birth. It isn’t a relevant question.”

7. After Eric Garner, what am I supposed to tell my son?

“Like many Americans, I am outraged at the lack of an indictment for the killing of Eric Garner. These days, it seems the life of a black American male isn’t worth much. And it’s hard to get justice for black males who’ve been violated by the police.

“As I think about my 23-month-old twin son, Thaddeus, I am furious and teary-eyed because I have no idea what the f*** I’m supposed to tell him about how to conduct himself and avoid trouble with the police when he grows up.”

Check out to view all of the incredible posts from the Experts community. What have been your favorite posts so far?

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