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Hilarious commercial urges child-free couples to ‘Do it for Mom’

Not having enough sex? Think of your poor mother.

That’s what one Danish company, Spies Travel, is urging couples to do when they’re doing the deed in a new, hilarious commercial. They’re offering a discount package to the children of meddling moms who want a grandchild, because sunny, active vacations result in more babies.

The tongue-in-cheek ad references the too-slow-to-rise birthrate in Denmark, which could lead to financial issues for the country down the line. But this time, they’re not appealing to couples themselves. They’re appealing to their mothers.

Video: Spies Rejser/YouTube

Most women will, at some point or another, experience pressure to divulge what she plans on doing with her womb, and yes, a lot of that pressure will come from the women of the generation that came before — a mother or a mother-in-law.

But this video? It takes it to a whole new level. Here are the best parts.

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The video begins with a bleak look at Denmark’s plummeting birthrate, its overextended welfare system and the true victims of childless couples:

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

The grandmothers.

Who among us would not do anything for our children? The commercial points out that, while we are there all along the way to teach our kids important things and support them in their various endeavors, there is still one area of their lives that it is decidedly hands-off.

But no worries! Because you can still get your way, albeit from afar. Just help them out with a sunny “active vacation,” which has all kinds of great benefits, like:

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

More sex, and…

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

… more sex…

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

… and of course, more sex!

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

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Of course, not every child grows up to be, er, “gifted” in the art of seduction, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still give them a shove in the right direction:

Image: Spies Rejser/YouTube

Would-be grandmothers everywhere can secure “The Parent Purchase” to help their kids get out of there and get busy.

It allows them to make a contribution toward the cost of their children’s baby-makin’ vacation, includes a £100 discount and supplies the first 100 couples that participate with Champagne, massage oil and some protein bars (maybe to keep their stamina up?).

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The many facets of baby-making are inherently fraught. Add in the pressure from nosy parents and in-laws desperate to become grandparents, and you’ve got what could potentially be an ugly situation. Objectively, though, the absurdity of parents so obsessed with grandparenthood that they laser-focus their attention on their children’s sex lives is pretty hilarious.

There are plenty of really great reasons to have just all kinds of sex. It’s just that “for your mother’s sake” will probably never, ever be one of them.

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