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Sandra Bullock may have just adopted a baby

Stop the presses! Sandra Bullock might be adopting a baby girl! Like, right now! Get ready, little Louis. You’re about to be a big brother. Well, maybe.

A Bullock insider claims that the actress has just brought an infant girl home with her to Los Angeles — almost five years after she adopted son Louis from New Orleans. The source says that Bullock had the adoption paperwork in order before she started dating new (hot!) boyfriend Bryan Randall. The Oscar-winning star evidently wanted to make sure that the right man was in her life before signing the dotted line — and apparently Randall is the right man.

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So far, details on this possibly-not-but-sounds-totally-true story are pretty scant, but it was recently mentioned in Us Weekly that Randall, who has a college-age daughter himself, is a “child whisperer.” A source said, “I’ve never met a kid who didn’t love him.” In fact, Bullock and Randall reportedly met when he was photographing Louis’ birthday party in January.

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Anytime anyone broaches the question “should I have a(nother) baby?” people often answer with some version of the same statement: “There’s never a right time.” And as irritating as that sentiment can be to hear, it couldn’t be more true — and Bullock couldn’t be a more perfect example of this.

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By some people’s standards — in fact, many people’s — it isn’t exactly the “right” time for Bullock to have another child. The stunning actress is 51; she hasn’t been dating Randall even a year yet; and she’s insanely busy. Not run-of-the-mill “I should totally have a baby right now!” criteria. But — if this gossip is true, of course — she wants one. And she’s in a position, financially and, I assume, healthwise, to have one. So, she’s doing it. And that right there makes it the “right” time. Just as she adopted her first baby after she and Jesse James got divorced, nothing is perfectly aligned and in order, but she’ll make it work.

When it comes to having children, there is always going to be a “what if?” For us non-celebrities, questions like, “What if I don’t have enough money?”; “What if I want to travel?”; “What if I’m trying to get a promotion at work?” typically creep into our brains when thinking about a baby. But when you do it — regardless of how many vacations you didn’t take or how many hours you’ve been putting in at the office — you find a way to make it work.

Bullock obviously is an extremely fortunate woman who has the means to provide herself and her children with anything they’d like, but who knows what will happen with Randall? They seem incredibly happy, and hopefully they’ll last, but it’s almost impossible to tell when it’s this early on.

But if for some reason they don’t, Bullock will find a way to make things work for herself and for her maybe two kids. And it’ll totally have been the right time.

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How did you know it was “the right time” to have a baby?

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