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What being a super mom really means

You ever have one of those moments when you remember your weekends pre-kids?

You know, where you were out ’til way too late, slept ’til noon and met your friends for a recap of the night brunch. It’s almost like a dream. Wait… it was! I was dreaming of this very moment when my daughter poked me awake at 5:30 a.m. with her favorite morning phrase, “Can I watch YouTube mommy?” followed by, “What’s for breakfast?”

And so, my day begins. From that moment on, my weekend is full of a to-do list: groceries, laundry, chores, chauffeuring from piano to swimming to soccer to play dates. And the weekends that I work? Ooph! Just add that to the list of things that need to get done all on the same day. The funny thing is, weekends are my more “free” days because on weekdays, hello LA traffic! I think I spend half my life trying not to develop road rage and the other singing to ’80s music from my driving playlist (if you tell me you have never sung “Take on Me” at the top of your lungs in your car, we cannot be friends).

You would think all this would drive someone crazy, but I’m a mom. Us moms? We’re super women. We can multitask like nobody else. Need that spreadsheet sent over while I am at my kid’s swim meet, no problem — let me shoot it over to you from my phone. Have a meeting after a morning parent meeting at school? No worries, I have my heels in the car, a healthy snack and water in my bag, and I’m ready and revived to take on the world. Stuck in traffic for an hour? Once I park, I sit there, eat my snack, take in that moment of quiet and then I am back to take on the world.

You see, even in all the chaos, everything still needs to get done and we know that. The secret is just figuring out what moment of serenity you can give yourself, so you can “feel gooder” for the rest of the day. Moms, we get things done. It may be chaotic, and it may not involve sleeping ’til noon anymore, but it does involve being passionate, fierce, strong and we all do it for the best reason ever: our families. What’s better than that?

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