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I Knew I Was an Adult When: I learned to nurture myself

Blessed with a beautiful baby girl a month before I turned 18 years old, I fell into instant adulthood.

Even if I wasn’t out on my own, I had a little one to take care of, someone outside myself depending on me for survival.

Being responsible for yourself is one thing. I could live a minimalist life, sustaining myself on ramen noodles and instant oatmeal. I could sleep on someone else’s couch if need be.

Having another person depend on you changes the entire scenario. This little one needed optimal nourishment to grow, emotional support to thrive and a roof over her head to feel secure.

My life instantly began to revolve around my daughter’s well-being. Bathing, feeding, burping, changing and dressing became my main focus, and I forgot I needed nurturing, too.

I went from being under the care of my parents one minute to becoming a parent the next. I had not learned that once you’re an adult it is your responsibility to take care of yourself — not just food, clothing and shelter, but the nurturing that one requires for well-being.

We become adults and start to define ourselves by our jobs, friends, significant others and our children, not considering who we are and what we need to thrive.

We need a self-care routine to nurture ourselves, so we are fully available for our other responsibilities. When I realized I was responsible for my own self care, I really began to feel like an adult.

Here are some activities you can do for self-care:

  • Pursue a hobby
  • Take a bath — make it a spa-like experience
  • Walk in nature
  • Journal
  • Spend time with friends
  • Take a cooking class
  • Arrange a girl’s day out
  • Take a break for some alone time
  • Read a book

Our well-being depends on nurturing ourselves. Take some time to figure out which activities warm your soul, and schedule them as you would any other important event.

Make your well-being a priority.

Cheers, Nanette

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