12 Thoughts you will have on your first night out away from the baby (GIFs)

We try to be on our best behavior around babies, so we find ourselves doing alien things like saying “Oh Fudgsicles!” and not spending too much time watching Hannibal.

But on the first day out without the baby, suddenly you can do whatever you want again! You are yourself again. Here are some thoughts that will probably go through your head on your first night out without the baby:

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1. Holy shit, I can say “shit” again!

Data swears GIF
Image: Giphy

Just wait until all those grown-up words are gone for good and you find yourself at a sporting event uttering alien phrases like, “Oh my goodness, that is the effing worst!”

2. Is it OK if I order a cocktail? Is it OK if I order 12 cocktails?

champagne GIF
Image: Giphy

The answer to this question is between you and your babysitter.

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3. Is my shirt inside-out?

Wall shirt GIF
Image: Giphy

Spoiler alert: Your shirt is totally inside out.

4. Finally I can let my hair down, literally!

Beyonce hair GIF
Image: Giphy

Babies like nothing more than pulling on hair, so unless you get that pixie cut, you’ll be wearing buns and ponytails in your child’s presence until he or she is 14.

5. How long before I can put my hair back up?

Iggy Azalea GIF
Image: Giphy

Once you get used to that ponytail, it’s hard to wear it down again for any amount of time. All those shiny tendrils are just going to get in the way of your eating and drinking.

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6. Is that baby food on my clothes?

Britney Spears food GIF
Image: Giphy

You’d better hope that’s just baby food on your clothes.

7. All my dancing is mom dancing now.

Awkward dancing GIF
Image: Giphy

Before the baby you had moves like Jagger. Now everything you do looks designed to embarrass a teenager in 14 years.

8. Do I really have to go do something exciting?

Sleeping GIF
Image: Giphy

I know you have tickets to the opera, but if you want to just throw the tickets away and go drink wine and play on your phone, I will not tell anybody.

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9. How much does a nanny cost, anyway?

Nanny GIF
Image: Giphy

It really seems like you should be able to train a friendly St. Bernard to take care of your children like in Peter Pan.

10. Did I just spend my whole free night off watching videos of my kid on my phone?

Phone GIF
Image: Giphy

We’ve all been there.

11. Maybe I should have gotten a hotel room.

make out GIF
Image: Giphy

It would be naughty, like in high school. But less so because you’re like a million years old.

12. Do I really have to go home now?

Party GIF
Image: Giphy

Can’t I stay out forever?