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Boo! The world’s sweetest Halloween witch

I found the world’s sweetest Halloween witch — in an app. Written and illustrated by Gina Ricci, and produced into app form by Lynette Mattke of PicPocket Books, Boo! is an iPad storybook that enchants young readers season after season.

Image: Know What’s Inside

Set on a black background with the chime and tinkle of mysterious nighttime bells, children can calmly scroll through pages of pumpkins, owls, cauldrons and ghosts. On each page, families can read and hear the words while taking in the magic of Halloween night. Careful to charm rather than overwhelm, Boo! is illustrated with gentle, hand-drawn scenes and select interactivity rather than flashy animations.

Boo! is one of over 1,000 apps participating in the Know What’s Inside program, a website dedicated to family-friendly apps. Most of the participants in Know What’s Inside are parents themselves who took a leap into app making and development. Positioned in the sweet spot between technology and parenting, it’s no wonder I found the world’s sweetest witch from this resource.

@Lorraine Akemann | Cofounder and Editor | Moms With Apps

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