Mom's hidden camera catches adorable Dad dancing to Katy Perry song (VIDEO)

Sep 28, 2015 at 2:15 p.m. ET

Sometimes when the music is pumping, you just can't stop your body from moving. Thank goodness the dad in this video gave in to the beat, because his dance moves are some of the most awesome we've seen.

Posted on YouTube, the video's description says that mom, Rujeana, set up a camera in the room with her two children so Grandma could watch their daily activities from afar. A sweet idea, for sure, but she had no idea just how sweet the footage would turn out to be when Dad enters the picture.

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Completely oblivious to the presence of a camera, you see him walking with a box in his hand. He hears Katy Perry's "E.T." and is immediately moved… to move. He ditches the box and starts with the robot before launching into a whole series of adorable moves, some even including pompoms. His children are delighted, and so is pretty much anyone who watches. Check him out.


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His short routine is a mix of ballet, hip-hop and who knows what, but the result is awesome. There's just something about dancing dads. It's great to see them let loose and show their kids that side of themselves with no worries about what they may look like. The kids don't care that his moves aren't professional — they just care that he's having fun with them. Let's hear it for all the fun dads out there!

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