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Adorable little baseball player melts hearts with midgame message to dad

When it comes to sports, kids can easily get wrapped up in the thrill of the competition. The Little League baseball player in this viral video, however, clearly has his priorities straight.

After a nice hit at the bag, he begins running the bases for what looks like it could at least be an easy double. As the crowd cheers him on, however, he stops at first to deliver an important message to his dad, who happens to be serving as the first base coach. “Hey! I have to tell you something. I like you. I love you,” he says before taking off to second. Prepare your heart for melting.
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It’s hard to even handle the cuteness. It’s such a pure, spontaneous moment. He doesn’t care that he’s in the middle of the game or that the fans are yelling — he just wants his dad to know how much he loves him. It’s one of those moments you know this dad is never going to forget.

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It’s a good reminder to us all too, as kids aren’t the only ones who get caught up in the competition when it comes to kids’ sports. Too often parents push kids to compete at all costs. Sure, there are many benefits playing sports can bring, but this kid reminds us what’s truly important.

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