Lori Osiecki's product will make your picky eater fall in love with cooking

Sep 29, 2015 at 5:00 p.m. ET

Here are 10 questions for Lori.

Where are you from? Originally from Shillington, Pennsylvania, which is also home to John Updike. Arrived in Mesa, Arizona, by way of Kansas City, Missouri.

Why is your Pitch a game changer? Max on Snax is the brand that helps turn picky eaters into pint-sized chefs! We are proud to present our first line of products, My Max Pack. It’s a subscription box packed with fun, kid-friendly recipes and creative activities that engage kids in building lifelong healthy habits.

First job? My first job was at Hallmark Cards.

Who is your biggest advocate? My family has always been my sounding board and my cheerleading section. Max on Snax was named after my son, actually!

What was your light bulb moment? At the time I started my company, I was working on a concept for an animated show that featured a little girl and her snack-obsessed younger brother. While developing the character of the brother, I came across an article predicting that 50 percent of our under-5 population was in danger of becoming clinically obese. I was shocked. It was my aha moment, my big pivot. I decided that I needed do something. I wanted to find a creative way to educate kids about healthy eating and to get them involved in their own health from an early age. As a mom, this issue was one I felt passionately about. I saw a real lack in the market for fun, engaging ways to teach kids these important life skills.

Who inspires you this week? It’s hard to name just one. I have enjoyed hearing so many wonderful pitches on TED Talks, like Robyn O’Brien, who focuses on real food, and Sir Ken Robinson, who speaks about the importance of creativity.

Where do you do your best work? Brainstorming ideas is key for my creative work, and the best time for that is while I’m swimming. In fact, everything happens in the pool before it hits the paper.

Favorite female-led entrepreneurial venture outside your own? I have a group of friends that I call the Boss Dorothies: energetic, smart, talented women. They are, without question, a force to be reckoned with — even when they’re not wearing their ruby red slippers. Within that group are many female entrepreneurs, including Kiran Rai, founder of Sir Alistair Rai; Dea Perez, Dea Connick Perez Consulting; Tina Lutz, founder of Believe Animation and Lauren Meyers, Tumbleweed Productions.

In 10 years you will be… Hopefully, I will still be creating happy things that rhyme, sing and jump.

Guilty pleasure? Beach vacations.

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