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Matthew McConaughey’s brother names baby after his favorite beer

As Jeff Foxworthy might say, if your name is Rooster and you name your son Miller Lyte to get free beer, you might be a redneck.

We all have one in our family that we sit around the dinner table and wonder what they are thinking, and for actor Matthew McConaughey, it is his older brother, Rooster McConaughey.

Rooster has three kids… and two of them are named after alcohol. He has a son named Miller Lyte and a daughter named Margarita Olympia. Why did Rooster pick these names for his kids? He is rarely seen without his favorite beer, Miller Lite, in his hand, and he explained in a recent interview that he didn’t want that to stop just because he had kids:

“I’m an older parent. When my wife got pregnant, people teased me, ‘You aren’t going to be able to carry around that Miller Lite with you anymore. It’s all over.’ I said, ‘If things work out the way they might, I’ll take Miller Lite to church. [When my son] was born, I named him Miller and his middle name is Lyte.”

As far as his daughter’s name, it sounds like he may have tricked his wife into this name. “My daughter’s name is Margarita Olympia, but she was named after her great-grandmother. I knew no one would believe that. I suggested Olympia for a middle name. Little did anyone know that was the name of a beer,” he said.

Only one child, his youngest daughter, Madison Beaumont, was spared the boozy baby name.

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The beer brand Miller Lite caught wind of this and decided to gift Rooster with a year’s supply (or 24 cases) of its beer so he can carry a Miller Lite in one hand and Miller Lyte in the other. That vision sounds like a Christmas card to us!

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We actually like the name Miller. However, adding Lyte as the middle name gives it an entirely different meaning. Do you want to score some free goods?

Perhaps you should consider naming your kid Bud or Coors? Samuel Adams has a nice ring to it, as does Jose Cuervo.

If alcohol isn’t your thing, try scoring some free food by naming your daughter Betty Crocker, Doritos or Krispy Kreme.

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Nutella actually is starting to sound like the perfect baby name…

Tell us: What do you think of the name Miller Lyte? Would you name your child after your favorite food or drink?

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