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10 Kids who could teach adults a thing or two about generosity

When you hear a gorgeous, heartwarming story about a child who has selflessly given their time or their birthday bucks to a cause that is near and dear to them, you will realize we have a lot to learn from our pint-size companions. These stories are the perfect pick-me-up that will help you realize there is still much good in the world.

Caring for canines

Ethan Flint, a 9-year-old boy from Minnesota, asked his family members for money for his recent birthday — not so he could save up for a video game system or a computer, but so he could donate it to the St. Paul Police Department. The reason? So they could purchase bulletproof vests for their fellow K-9 officers.

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Hair today …

Christian McPhilamy decided to grow out his hair for two years so he could donate it to kids suffering from cancer, and during that time, he was teased mercilessly by his peers and questioned by family members and even coaches. True to his word, he stayed the course, and he was able to donate four 10-inch sections of hair.

Beat this

After a 12-year-old named Sam Holtz pulled off the amazing feat of tying for the best bracket in ESPN’s tournament challenge (that garnered over 11 million entries), he took some of his award money and decided to purchase an Xbox One for himself. With the money he had left over, he purchased another Xbox and donated it to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organization that makes dreams come true for seriously ill children.

Caring for cops

Carson Atkins had a unique birthday party — instead of gifts, he asked for donations for the family of a police officer who was killed in the line of duty. And he did very well. The boy’s mother said he netted nearly $1,000 for the officer’s family, and the police department surprised him at his party by showing up and giving him a few gifts of appreciation.

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Together with pride

Noelle Pride, daughter of the only deaf player in Major League Baseball history, was inspired to help other kids and adults with the costs cochlear implants (that she herself is the recipient of). Together with her parents, who founded the Together With Pride charity, she formed a program called Noelle Cares for Kids and raises money to help those who wish to regain their hearing.

Toys for sale

Schoolchildren in Norway held a fundraiser in which they sold their toys to help support displaced Syrian refugee children. The organizer said it was extremely brave for them to give up their things, but they were very proud to help and felt they were involved in something important.

Chickens for chickens

A Sunday school class in Virginia was inspired to help those in the African country of Rwanda and held a fundraiser called “Chicken for Chickens” to raise money for — you guessed it — chickens. They raised over $1,600 and will help provide additional chickens for the Mbyo Peace and Reconciliation Village’s Angel School in Rwanda.

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Feed the children

A 6-year-old Minneapolis-area boy was touched when he and his parents volunteered for a Christian charity called Feed My Starving Children, so when his family held a garage sale, he decided to also run a lemonade stand. The drink was free, but little Parker Borden accepted donations and raked in a whopping $600 for the charity.

Music to our ears

A sibling trio of classically trained musicians took to the streets of New York to play for commuters — and to raise money for the homeless. Lauren, Ashleigh and Christian Conner started playing music for donations after Christian, the youngest, was heartbroken to see how many homeless people were in New York City shortly after moving there from New Jersey. His mother said he constantly asked for money to donate, and she suggested they play to raise money — so that’s exactly what they did. The first day, they played for two hours and raised around $240, and so far they’ve raised over $500. The kids also play music for sick children at the Columbia Presbyterian Children’s Hospital and have all been playing music since they were around 3 years old.

Rental rescue

When Ron and Natalie Romin learned their beloved nanny had been served with an eviction notice, they sprang into action, selling cookies and lemonade at a local park in hopes of helping her out. Both children said they are hoping she won’t have to move away and are doing what they can to assist her plight, and their nanny, Reyna Gonzalez, was touched to the point of tears. While they raised only $50, their hearts were certainly in the right place.

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