Dad gives school a hilarious lesson in Common Core math

If there’s one thing that unites American parents, it’s an inability to make heads or tails of their kids’ math homework. If you’ve ever scratched your head over a Common Core worksheet, you’ll love the check an Ohio dad wrote to his child’s elementary school.

Doug Herrmann was struggling to help his second-grade son with “mental math and 10-frame cards,” and he decided to sound off. So he wrote the following check to Melridge Elementary School: 

Does that make your head hurt too? You’re not alone. An estimated one in three parents admits to being confused by their kids’ homework. And nearly half of American parents oppose Common Core specifically. In fact, when Gallup interviewed parents last fall, it found that the number who are against Common Core is rising (and conversely, those who support it is dropping).

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Is it any wonder this dad’s check has been shared over and over and over again since he posted it on Facebook? Parents are frustrated, and aside from opting their kids out of the Common Core tests, there’s little they can do. Common Core is — at least for now — the law of the land, and parents are stuck trying to make sense of senseless worksheets that leave them feeling frustrated and helpless.

As Herrmann himself said in another Facebook post, “Homework should be; reading, writing, science, gym (I’m really good at gym) and art (I suck at art) but I can’t help my kids with Common Core.”

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Parents want to help their kids! And educators depend on engaged parents! But if parents can’t help their kids, they’re left with little options other than to make cheeky protests on Facebook.

Which is exactly what this was, by the way. It turns out Herrmann didn’t actually send the check — he was just letting off steam on Facebook.

Considering the viral nature of his post, frustrated parents would be wise to take note. If you want to fight Common Core, remember: The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

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