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Couple’s pregnancy announcement is straight up scary (VIDEO)

We’ve seen plenty of sweet, sappy, tear-inducing pregnancy announcements over the years, but this one making the viral rounds is simply terrifying.

Terrifying and brilliant, really. Judy and Gavin Holt are the stars in the horror movie trailer that is beyond scary. From the creeped-out cat that seems to sense something to the chilling substance running down the mirror, the whole thing is amazing.

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“I can feel it grow inside of me.” Judy says, as eerie background music plays. “What’s happening to me?” Watch… if you dare.

While definitely different than the standard pregnancy announcement, it’s quite clever really. Pregnancy is a pretty scary proposition no matter how excited you are. The changes in your body, the changes in your life to come; nothing will ever be the same. So a horror movie announcement actually seems pretty appropriate.

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Congratulations to the couple. We can’t wait to see more from this cool, growing family.

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