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Common texting abbreviations every parent should know

Typing LOL in response to your partner’s funny text might may you feel cool, but tween and teens have a whole new vocabulary full of texting abbreviations and acronyms you’ve never heard of to communicate with one another.

Gone are the days when kids would pass notes in class to share secret messages. In 2015, it’s all about the cellphone. The great thing about the advent of texting is that it allows parents to keep an eye on who their kids are talking with and what they’re chatting about, but unless you know the meaning of all those acronyms, it can be hard to keep tabs on what’s actually being said.

Here’s a list of 25 commonly used texting abbreviations to help you increase your parental coolness level and keep your child safe at the same time.

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Texting acronyms moms need to know
Image: Karen Cox/SheKnows

Some are perfectly harmless

1. IKR = “I know right.” It’s how the cool kids agree with each other.

2. SMH = Shaking my head.

3. TIA = Thanks in advance.

4. TBT = Throwback Thursday. Typically seen with a nostalgic photo or song link. Feel free to respond with your favorite picture of them as a baby to show how “with it” you are.

5. NAGI = Not a good idea.

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6. NP = No problem.

7. LMK = Let me know.

8. FWIW = For what it’s worth.

Others may cause you to raise an eyebrow

9. YOLO = You only live once.

10. IRL = In real life. As in, I know I just met you on the internet, but let’s meet IRL.

11. NSFL = Not safe for life. Usually placed as a disclaimer with a link that’s explicit in nature.

12. WTAF = What the actual f**k.

13. THOT = No, this isn’t your child jotting down thoughts for a term paper. It stands for “That ho over there” and may indicate it’s time for a talk about respect and gender equality.

A slew of acronyms are dedicated solely to leaving pesky parents in the dark

14. PIR = Parent in room.

15. PAW = Parents are watching.

16. PAL = Parents are listening.

17. POS = Parents over shoulder.

18. CD9 = Parent in the room, code “parent” or parent alert.

And just in case you’re not already thinking about checking up on what your child has been texting, here are some common shortcuts used to talk about sex

19. TDTM = Talk dirty to me.

20. IWSN = I want sex now.

21. GNOC = Get naked on camera.

22. KOTL = Kiss on the lips.

23. GYPO = Get your pants off.

24. IWU = I want you.

25. GNRN = Get naked right now.

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