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These pictures of a baby boy and his puppies will destroy your ovaries

On really bad days, a lot of us wish we could just crawl into a pile of puppies and let the resulting cuddle puddle chase our sorrows away. This tiny baby is living the dream.

His name is Brydon, and he was born to Kami Klingbeil last month on the very same day that the family dog, Delia, had her nine puppies. Yes, two moms gave birth on the same day!

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Kami thought it would be cute if, in addition to the standard newborn hospital shoot, she could get some snaps of Brydon with the entire litter of adorable black goldendoodles. It is cute! Just look at this literal pile of adorableness:

puppy and baby born the same day
Image: Teresa Raczynski/Park Avenue Photography

Brydon, who was born Aug. 12 and is just 6 days old in this photo, already clearly knows what’s up: He’s got an arm around the two puppies nearest to him and is looking at the camera as if to say, “See these puppies? These are my puppies, got it?”

The photographer, Teresa Raczynski, who owns Park Avenue Photography, is clearly very talented and has an eye for cuteness. She’s the one who took the entire thing from “hey, wouldn’t it be cute if we dropped some cuteness bombs?” into the epically adorable explosion of happiness we’re all enjoying right now.

Plus, you have to hand it to this mom for being so chill about all of her babies. It’s tough to bring a baby — and this is Kami’s second — into the family pet dynamic. A lot of us have had to do it, and some of us wouldn’t be able to handle the stress let alone turn a whole mess of new additions into sheer twee joy.

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Kami says that early on, Brydon wasn’t too keen on getting his picture taken, but once the puppies began to pile on, he changed his tune. Of course he did, because he is living a dream so many of us have had at one point or another: dissolving into a warm, squirmy, cuddly, snuggly pile of adorable curly-haired puppies and eventually taking a nap on a fluffy cloud of nature’s cutest creature.

baby born on same day as puppies taking nap
Image: Teresa Raczynski/Park Avenue Photography

In a perfect world, we could all sleep not in beds but in gigantic baskets of puppies.

Of course, the family can’t keep every single one of Delia’s puppies, but they do plan to keep one sweet girl. It’s probably safe to assume that the puppy and Brydon will be buddies for life. After all, there’s no bonding experience quite like participating in an actual puppy pile shortly after birth.

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Possibly the best part of the story is yet to come: Kami is hoping she can stay in touch with the families that give the other puppies homes so they can reshoot this mess of disgusting cuteness in six months and then again in a year.

It’s probably safe to say that that’s the outcome we’re all hoping for and that we’re grateful to Kami, Brydon, Teresa and every last puppy for making the Internet and the world a much more adorable place.

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