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8 Silly kid quotes that make their moms laugh

There’s a reason it is said that motherhood is the hardest job there is — because it’s true. But the rewards far outweigh the challenges, and these super-silly and adorable things little ones have said to their parents prove it’s all worth it.

Time to hone those skills

“One day I was fixing my two kids’ lunch, so I asked them to go sit down and I’d bring them their plates. My then-3-year-old daughter asked for a drink, too, so I told her I’d bring them a glass of milk. To which she replied as she walked away, ‘All right… good luck with your pouring skills!'” — Kerri M.

She’s got a point

“My girls are always cracking me up. Lately, my 3-year-old, Caroline, who thinks she is hilarious, will be doing something that she thinks is funny and I have to tell her, ‘Stop, that’s not funny.’ Her response is always, ‘It’s a bit funny,’ in her cute, raspy voice. And, you know, it kind of is.” — Brandy R.

Math skills in action

“My daughter, Kyia, was bragging to my fiancé, Chris, and me one day about how she and her cousin were smarter than adults. Chris said, ‘Oh, yeah? What’s the square root of pie?’ And Kyia, without missing a beat, quipped, ‘The dough!’ We laughed for five solid minutes.” — Kristina H.

Boys and their toys

“On a recent trip to Walmart, our 4-year-old son, Bladen, got distracted by the toy aisle. Since we were just there to get a few things and didn’t have a ton of time, I hurried him along. He agreed, even though he didn’t really want to, but not before looking longingly at a Nerf dart gun and saying, ‘Don’t worry… I’ll be back to buy that baby later.'” — Constance C.

Tough crowd

“During our morning routine, I sometimes sing a little jingle to entertain the kids. Oh, at least, I thought I was entertaining them. This particular morning as I cheerily sang, ‘Milk and cereal, cereal and milk,’ my daughter, Cassidy, interrupted me, proclaiming, ‘Could you please stop singing that? It makes my brain say rude things to you.'” — Racheal V.

Common cents

“My 7-year-old son, Riley, walked into the room one day and matter of factly informed me that he had just eaten some money. Naturally, I asked, ‘Riley, why on earth would you do that?’ His response was, ‘I swallowed a penny, so I’m worth more now.'” — Sara P.

Delayed reaction

“When my daughter was 2, we lived in a house in a historic city which hosts a large bridge run each year. Our house happens to be just off of one of the roads that is part of the route for the run, so our daughter really enjoyed spending the morning watching as thousands of runners filed by our window. The next afternoon, we had the windows open and she happened to look out as a random jogger passed by. Super excited, she turned to us and said, ‘Look! There’s one runner left… she must have gotten lost!'” — Cheyenne H.

Little miss know-it-all

“When my daughter was around 6, she came up to me and said, ‘Mom, I can see my thoughts in my head.’ Amused by the idea, I asked her,’ Oh, really?’ With a monumental roll of the eyes, Hannah responded, ‘Yes, Mom. I think I know what I see.'” — Susan C.

What funny things do your kids say?

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