9 Things no mom should ever run out of (or else)

Moms are “supposed to be” organized, but no mom is organized all the time. Even those of us who give the illusion of having our act together… well, we probably don’t.

There is a minimum level of mom organization that requires not running out of certain things. If you run out of olive oil or window cleaner, chances are things are still going to continue to hum along at your house for a few days until you make a store run. But then there are the things no mom should run out of.

Here’s a handy list so you don’t end up facing the consequences. It’s pretty basic, and you can print it out and fill in your own must-haves, tape it to the fridge or download it into whatever app/gizmo thingy you use to try to keep up the illusion that you’re semi-organized.

1. Wine

Moms and wine… cliché? Maybe. But there are reasons we use clichés. Because sometimes they just make sense. You might have your go-to bottle of Moscato or your Costco super-sized gallon of cab. Whatever your poison is, you’re doing yourself a favor if you have some in reserve to sip on at the end of those days (and by those days, we pretty much mean the ones ending in “y”).

2. All the wipes

Baby butt wipes, big kid wipes, makeup removing wipes, disinfectant wipes, wipes to clean your computer screen… It seems like they make a wipe in a handy little container for just about everything that a mom would want to clean up, freshen up or wipe down. Raise your hand if your morning hygiene routine has ever consisted of a baby wipe. You’re not alone. Some days are just like that… See No. 1.

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3. Patience (yeah right)

Not letting my patience light get too low before lunchtime is often a goal of mine. Sometimes I make it… some days I don’t. See No. 1. I wish moms had an infinite amount of patience, but that’s always a struggle, right?

4. Ingredients for one kick-ass easy recipe

Every mom needs a go-to recipe that can be thrown together quickly; using pantry supplies is a bonus. Sometimes you have your days when you just need to get your kids fed. Sometimes those days follow the three-day stint of calling the pizza guy. Find something easy that your family likes and keep the ingredients on hand. I do this thing with canned chicken, canned corn, canned tomatoes, black beans and taco seasoning. My can opener gets a workout, and the result is fairly close to a home-cooked dinner.

5. Grocery basics

Milk, bread, cereal. Because you know the world will cease spinning on its axis if you run out of Apple Jacks. If cereal has graced your dinner table more than once, don’t beat yourself up. You’re normal.

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6. Coffee

Again, maybe another cliché, but most moms run on caffeine. Things tend to get ugly if we run out. My husband once forgot to buy K-Cups, and it honestly made me question his love for me. A good cup of coffee in the morning tames the she-beast that lives inside me and turns me into a semi-pleasant person until the respectable hour when I can have a glass of wine. See No. 1.

7. Toilet paper

You can run out of tissues or cotton balls. You can even do without paper towels for a couple of days, but we never want to run out of toilet paper. Should be purchased in bulk, if possible. Obviously.

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8. Feminine products

See also No. 1.

9. Time

Ah, if only. If I had a buck for every time a mom said “there just aren’t enough hours in the day,” I’d be a wealthy woman with a personal assistant and a pool boy.

Know what your house can’t survive without and stock that cabinet up.


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