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Tori Spelling clearly doesn’t care what you think of her parenting skills

As parents, we all make choices for our children that we feel are right for us. That doesn’t mean the rest of the world won’t have an opinion on them, and that goes double (even triple) if you’re a celebrity.

Raising kids in the public eye and sharing even mundane details about their lives brings about all sorts of commentary about what you’re doing right — and wrong. Tori Spelling is no exception, but she demonstrated recently that she doesn’t let the criticism change how she parents her kids.

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This past June, Spelling posted an adorable image of her older daughter, Stella, on Instagram. The kiddo happens to be wearing ruby red lipstick, and she looks beautiful. Of course, people have strong opinions on children wearing makeup, even if that child isn’t their own. Having been criticized for doing it once, it is surprising that Spelling is still willing to share photos of her kids wearing makeup, but it is refreshing to see. She shouldn’t let other people’s opinions dictate her parenting decisions.

First of all, this new image is nothing short of completely precious. If you have a daughter or remember being a little girl yourself, then you know makeup can be a source of fun and fascination. A child might see Mommy wearing it, or maybe they think it looks awesome on Barbie. Either way, it can be a truly exciting and fun activity for a little one to have Mommy put makeup on their face. Check out this sweet snap of Spelling’s younger daughter, Hattie. She says on Instagram that the two were stranded with a flat tire, and she was putting makeup on the toddler to entertain her:

Is this really so terrible? More like adorable, really. Thus far, the Instagram comments are largely positive, and no one seems to be criticizing Spelling this time around for letting her child wear makeup. Maybe the photo in June was received differently, as Stella is older and posing in a somewhat sassy way, but even so, who cares? It is up to Spelling how to parent her children, and if she feels this is acceptable for her family, who is anyone else to say otherwise? This is very much a “live and let live” situation. A parent might have very valid reasons for not wanting their own child to wear makeup, but they need only concern themselves with their choices. Of course, some might see it as too grown-up, while others (like Spelling) see it as merely a fun activity, harmless for a small child to dabble in now and then.

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That said, there are some health and safety concerns surrounding the toxicity of cosmetics designed for adult skin. There are products deemed nontoxic for children to use, and you can find more information about that on the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database by typing in a specific item and seeing its rating as far as being safe for little ones.

Here’s hoping Spelling continues to feel comfortable sharing things like this on social media. She is certainly not alone in thinking makeup can be a fun way to entertain and distract little ones, and if people are going to get upset about it, that’s really too bad.

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