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Overdue baby served with eviction notice t

Waiting to meet your unborn child is a challenge, especially when your due date comes and goes and there’s no action in sight. Dad-to-be Jake Kempton of Oak Harbor, Washington, was so overcome with frustration that he served his unborn daughter an eviction notice when she was eight days overdue.

He ordered her to “quit the following described premises: Ellisha Danelle Kempton’s tummy and to surrender possession thereof within twelve (12) hours of the service of the notice upon you.”

The attorney and father-to-be did it as a joke, of course, but it actually worked. Just three hours after he served her papers, Pepper Dee Kempton was born. If only this would work for parents everywhere, he’d have quite the business.

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For those less creative but no less impatient, there are, of course, medical inductions that can be performed. However, they don’t come without risks. From an increased risk for the need for a C-section to umbilical cord problems, they’re not to be taken lightly.

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As for natural induction remedies, there are a host of old wives’ tales and rumors women try — from bouncing up and down to eating pineapple — but most of them only work as a matter of luck. While it’s up to each mother and her doctor to decide, in most cases, it’s best to just let the baby decided when he or she is ready to make her appearance and, like this dad, to keep a sense of humor while you wait out their debut.

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