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Mom’s hilariously candid first-day-of-school photo rules all others

Summer was fun… until it wasn’t. Now, finally, school is back in session, and the fighting, the boredom, the long, long sticky days have finally come to an end, leaving moms across the country rejoicing. Sure, there are a few shedding tears, but Virginia mom Jessi Kittrell summed up the feelings of the rest of us in one brilliantly hilarious photo that’s going viral.

In it you see her daughter pouting and looking as miserably adorable as can be, holding a sign that reads, “1st day of Kindergarten.” Next to her stands Kittrell with a sign of her own that says, “Bye Felicia.” Exactly!

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From the Starbucks cup to the margarita glass and slippers, she represents all the things moms envision doing once the kids are back in school. The house is quiet; they are someone else’s responsibility for a few hours; and Mom can work, relax or drink her coffee in peace. Ahhhh… at least in our dreams.

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The funny thing about the picture is that Kittrell wasn’t feeling very funny at all when she took it. SheKnows spoke with her, and she confessed she was actually tremendously sad and isn’t in the camp of those who rejoice when the kids go to school. Her daughter, Bailey, who they call “Bug,” is her fourth and last child to head off to school, and the photographer mom was an emotional mess.

Instead of visions of Starbucks and whooping it up with margaritas, she said she was actually wondering how she was going to make it through the days without her baby. “How am I going to even go to Walmart without her?” she wondered.

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So she took the photo to lighten up her mood and address all those people who told her she’d actually love it when all her kids were in school. “Everyone was joking that I’d be going to Starbucks and drinking margaritas, so we went with it,” she told SheKnows.

As for her reality since Bug began school this week? “Well, the dryer broke the morning I was taking her to the first day of school, so I’ve been trying to dry my laundry without a dryer, trying to clean the house and get into a routine. I’ve had zero margaritas, and I haven’t had any Starbucks.”

How many days until summer?

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