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Dad and daughter blow guests away with surprise dance at quinceanera

The sight of a father dancing with his daughter at any age always elicits a few tears from the emotional among us, but retired Marine Leonardo Cortinas and his daughter Jasmine took their dance at Jasmine’s quinceanera to a whole new level of awesome.

In the video that’s just begun to go viral, you see them dancing sweetly to “My Girl.” He’s in his Marines uniform, and she’s in a beautiful princess-like dress. Then the music changes, and things take a big surprise turn.

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First they get down to “Soldier Boy,” with some seriously sweet choreographed moves, then they move on to “You Can’t Touch This,” the “Tootsie Roll,” “Gangnam Style” and more. At one point a young boy, who appears to be her brother, makes a brief appearance to dance to “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae).” It’s all just amazing; you have to watch for yourself.

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While I’m sure it was a lot more fun for guests to watch than just a traditional dance, the best part is the love you see there between Jasmine and her father. You know they spent countless hours planning, plotting and working together to make this happen. While it’s surely something their guests won’t forget, more importantly, it’s something the two of them will always remember.

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