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6 Supercool things from the Internet your kids need to see

Before you head into the long weekend, grab your littlest loved ones, and check out some of the best, kid-centric stuff to hit the Web this week. Surfing the ‘net was never so much fun!

1. Weirdest noise ever?

Ever wonder what a giant pit of squeaky rubber duckies sounded like when they, well, squeaked together? Probably not! But oddly enough, it’s the strangest noise you need to hear. They sound a lot like a group of charging soldiers. Seriously. — Tastefully Offensive

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2. Video game character — IRL

Ever hear of the video game Fruit Ninja? Well, even if you haven’t, you’ll be impressed with this dude’s insane fruit-chopping skills. Look at this guy go! — Imgur

Fruit Ninja

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3. President Twinkle Toes

You’ve seen him talk about foreign policy. You’ve seen him overhaul our health care system. But have you ever seen Obama bust a move? Check out the president getting down with middle school students in Alaska. He may have found his (second) calling! — ABC News

4. Holy fat feline!

This adorable cat, Nero, is huge — 25 pounds, to be exact! But the woman holding him — veterinarian Anne Sinclair — is so petite that she makes the cat look like a lion! Me-ow! — The Huffington Post

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5. Green gummy bears

What flavor do you think Haribo’s green gummy bears are? Sour apple? Lime? Turns out they’re actually strawberry. Yes, as in the red fruit. What is happening? Where are we? — BuzzFeed

6. Best. Internet. Video.

The Internet was pretty much invented for the purpose of viewing silly stuff online when you otherwise could be doing more productive things. And this video of a truck pulling a tree certainly is no exception. Totally worth the time wasted, though. — Viral Viral Videos

Which story are your kids crazy for?

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