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Jennifer Love Hewitt shares embarrassing ‘mom moment’ with the world (PHOTO)

New mom Jennifer Love Hewitt shared a breastfeeding mishap that has happened to pretty much all new moms — and we love her for it.

Jennifer Love Hewitt often keeps a low social media profile (and has yet to share a photo of her 2-month-old son, Atticus James Hallisay), however she did take to Twitter to share an embarrassing breastfeeding moment: Her breast milk leaked through her silk jumpsuit.

Being the quick thinking mom she is, the actress wrote that she purchased a scarf at the hotel gift shop to make a “dignified exit” and ended her tweet with the hashtag, “mommy life.”

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We have all been there and, as most moms know, you often have no clue when you will start leaking. Sometimes it is a crying baby, or perhaps it has been too long since you last nursed your baby — or sometimes even thinking about your baby can cause you to leak. This breastfeeding issue happens all the time, however many women don’t talk about it so we love that Hewitt shared this funny and potentially embarrassing moment that is totally a natural part of being a mom.

The reaction to her tweet was mostly positive, with many moms thanking the star for keeping it real.

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There were a few fans, however, who thought the actress was oversharing.
Naysayers aside, we also love that many moms shared tips as to what worked for them to conceal any leaks from breastfeeding. Among the ideas were avoiding fabrics like silk and sticking to cotton, wearing dark colored or printed clothing to conceal stains, keeping a jacket or scarf handy or wearing breast pads to absorb any accidental leaks.

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The Party of Five alum and her husband, actor Brian Hallisay, also have a 2-year-old daughter named Autumn.

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