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4 Brilliant alternatives to expensive kids’ costumes this Halloween

If your household is like mine, finding the perfect Halloween costume is already a hot topic. Instead of heading to the costume store to buy expensive and unoriginal outfits, try making these simple and affordable costumes that involve no sewing (you heard correctly!) and can be made in a snap.

Halloween Costumes

Image: SheKnows

DIY Costumes

Spaghetti and meatballs

This costume is sure to get an “A+” for originality and can be made with supplies purchased inexpensively at the craft or fabric store.


  • Red gingham fabric cut into a square (about a yard and a half)
  • Plastic plate
  • Plastic fork and knife
  • Cream-colored yarn
  • Brown pompoms (meatball sized)
  • Piece of red tissue paper
  • Hot glue gun with glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Colander to use as hat


  1. Fold the gingham fabric in half to form a triangular shape.
  2. Find the center of the fold and cut a slit big enough to slip over the top of your child’s head so that the fabric lies on their shoulders. This piece will be the tablecloth.
  3. Cut the cream-colored yarn into various lengths.
  4. Pile on and secure the yarn with glue to the plastic plate to look like spaghetti. Be sure to add some character by letting some of the spaghetti dangle off the plate.
  5. Use the red tissue paper to cut out a “serving” of marinara sauce and glue it on top of the spaghetti.
  6. Glue a couple of the brown pompoms to look like meatballs and add your fork and knife to finish off the look.
  7. Once the spaghetti and meatball plate is fully assembled and dried, glue the back of the plate to the front and center of the tablecloth. Bon appétit!
DIY Costumes

Made of money

You may not be made of money when it comes to your Halloween budget, but this costume definitely is! So cute and easy you’ll feel like you’ve won the lottery.


  • Color printer
  • White 8 ½ x 11-inch computer paper (12 pieces)
  • Stock image of $1000 bill (or other large denomination)
  • 1 roll clear contact paper
  • Poster board (2 sheets)
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Green and gold accessories (money sunglasses, headband, boa, etc.) — Optional


Purchase a stock image of your preferred bill. Resize the image to the dimensions that will complement your child’s frame. Print out the image in multiple pieces. I printed our $1000 bill on 12 letter-sized sheets of paper, 6 for the front of the bill, 6 for the back of the bill.

Cut out the images and assemble and paste to the poster boards. Once dried, seal the poster board with the contact paper. Punch two holes on each poster board toward the top of the bills, slightly closer than your child’s shoulder width apart.

Measure and cut two pieces of string. The string should be long enough to tie both poster boards together to create a sandwich board. Accessorize with your bling and… cha-ching!!

DIY Costumes

Bag of groceries

Recycle and re-use food boxes and containers you already have at home with this clever costume for kids (and adults!).


  • Large, rectangular cardboard box
  • Brown bag with grocery store logo
  • Scissors
  • Empty cardboard and plastic food containers (i.e. crackers, pasta, mac and cheese)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  1. Place box vertically with the opening at the bottom.
  2. Cut off excess at the bottom of the box as necessary for your child’s size.
  3. Cut a hole in the top of the box for their head and one on each side for their arms.
  4. Cut out a grocery store logo from a brown bag and use the hot glue gun to adhere to the front of the box.
  5. Using the glue gun again, attach empty food containers all around the top of the box.
DIY Costumes

Bubble bath

Splish splash, this costume takes almost no cash. Using a cardboard box, cotton balls, white balloons and a few bath accessories, your bathing beauty will be the hit of the party.


  • White, tri-fold presentation board (or a white cardboard box)
  • 1 bag cotton balls
  • White string
  • 10 or more white balloons,
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Tape
  • Additional accessories (shower cap, rubber duck, bath sponge, back scrubber, etc.)


  1. Cut a hole on the center panel of the presentation board, white side facing out. This hole should be big enough to comfortably fit your child’s waist with a little extra wiggle room.
  2. Measure two pieces of yarn to serve as straps to hold up the bathtub.
  3. Poke four small holes around the cutout you made, 2 on each side.
  4. Tie the ends of the string on the underside of the bathtub to create the shoulder straps.
  5. Decorate the outside of the board with tons of cotton balls applied with a hot glue gun to give the illusion of suds.
  6. Add inflated white balloons to fill in and add the illusion of large bubbles.
  7. Complete the look by adding a rubber duck and accessorize with a shower cap on her head, a bath sponge and a back scrubber.

Disclosure: This post is part of a sponsored collaboration between Aquafresh® Toothpaste and SheKnows.

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