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Star’s pregnancy reveal video is as unique as we’d expect

When McBusted frontman Tom Fletcher has some good news he wants to share with the world he knows how to do it in a way that will get everyone’s attention.

The songwriter and musician posted a homemade video titled “Player 2” to his YouTube channel today with the simple caption “Loading… ;)”

The clip has a dramatic soundtrack and keeps viewers guessing until the final few seconds, when they find out that “Player 2” is the second child Tom and his wife Giovanna are expecting.

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Video credit: Tom Fletcher/YouTube

Earlier this year a simple home video posted to YouTube by Tom went viral. Buzz and the Dandelions shows the pop star with his one-year-old son Buzz on his back and Buzz being completely adorable as he discovers the delights of dandelions.

Another of Tom’s YouTube videos, the musical mash-up My Wedding Speech, has been watched over 16 million times (and was unanimously declared by all women in the world to be the best wedding speech ever).

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Fans who have seen the new pregnancy announcement video have congratulated the family on social media and their words haven’t gone unnoticed by Tom, who posted on Twitter: “Thanks for all the lovely messages about our new Fletcher on the way! Can’t tell you how excited I am!'”

“Thanks for all the messages about our ‘Player 2’ news!” he added. “Happy and excited don’t quite cover it.”

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