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Benedict Cumberbatch’s new baby’s name is a double dose of strong and smart

Benedict Cumberbatch fans, rejoice! As we already know, the mega-star’s adorable “Cumberbaby,” as Cumberbatch’s first son with wife Sophie Hunter has been affectionately coined, made his grand entrance into the world on June 1, 2015. Cumberbatch has finally announced his new son’s name, and it’s as sophisticated as you would expect from a distinguished English actor.

Cumberbatch and his wife have named their new son Christopher Carlton Cumberbatch, a name that is quite a mouthful for such a little guy. For three whole months, Cumberbatch and Hunter have kept us on pins and needles — perhaps keeping their baby son’s name a secret until all the newborn chaos died down. It wasn’t until Cumberbatch superfans tried to guess his baby’s name on Twitter (with hilarious interpretations like Gobstopper Stelzendimper and Curly Q Cumberbatch, inspired by Cumberbatch’s own tongue twister of a name) that the new parents finally decided to spill the beans.

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Loyal Cumberbatch fans may guess where this is heading. As reported in the Daily Mail on Sunday, the Sherlock star may have named his son after one of his characters (which thankfully wasn’t Sherlock). Cumberbatch played Christopher in Parade’s End in 2012, the BBC TV adaptation of Ford Madox Ford’s novels of the same name.

Cumberbatch confirmed that Christopher’s middle name, Carlton, is actually a family name that has been passed down through several generations. Cumberbatch and his father share the middle name, and now baby Christopher joins the family tradition. The 39-year-old actor’s full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch.

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Cumberbatch and his wife chose well — Christopher Carlton is an elegant yet masculine name, with plenty of adorable nickname options, like “Chris” and “Carl,” that have a cute ring for a baby.

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Christopher has long been a popular English baby name, with Shakespearean roots. In the U.S., Christopher saw its greatest spike in popularity in the 1980s, when an estimated 14,755 babies per million were given the name. Pairing perfectly with a strong boy’s name like Christopher, Carlton is another English baby name, which was derived from a surname. Carlton saw its biggest jump in popularity in the U.S. when an estimated 236 babies per million were given the name in the 1930s.

Cumberbatch and his wife opted for a sharp and sophisticated baby boy’s name that merged family tradition and a special moment in the actor’s career. This commanding name may be one that the Cumberbaby has to grow into, but there’s something so sweet about its significance: Like father, like son.

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