Almost half of UK schoolchildren are bullied every single day

Sep 1, 2015 at 11:22 a.m. ET
Image: AntiBullyingPro

Worrying new research reveals that nearly half of all young people are the victims of daily bullying, with many experiencing suicidal thoughts due to the experience.

A survey of 1,865 nine to 17-year-olds, carried out by The Diana Award charity's #back2school anti-bullying campaign, found that 45 percent of them were bullied at school every day. Furthermore over two-thirds of them (70 percent) admitted they have thought about changing the way they look due to bullying, 42 percent of them said worrying about bullying kept them up at night and nearly a quarter (24 percent) said that being bullied made them feel suicidal.

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Alex Holmes, head of the Diana Award anti-bullying campaign, said: "Our research shows that schools are failing to keep young people safe and happy, and that is unacceptable. For a child to feel suicidal because of the treatment they have had at school is totally unacceptable.

"Our research seems to suggest that the largest amount of bullying is verbal and face to face. But that is not to say that the drama in playgrounds doesn't turn to digital drama online," he added. "We are seeing bullying continue online. It amplifies the bullying — there is a bigger audience and in some cases anonymity."

As part of the #back2school anti-bullying campaign, which launched today, celebrities who were bullied as youngsters were sent back to school to share their own experiences, including Ashley Banjo, Carrie Grant and Paul Potts.


Video credit: AntiBullyingPro/YouTube


Video credit: AntiBullyingPro/YouTube

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Video credit: AntiBullyingPro/YouTube

#back2school is the biggest The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Pro campaign yet and organisers are calling on everyone to share their #back2school pictures on social media, to raise awareness of the fact that 10 million children are going back to school in the U.K. and that over half of them will be affected by bullying.

The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Pro campaign has trained over 16,000 Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in over 2,000 schools and aims to do the same for every other school in the U.K.

Donating £20 will cover the cost of training an Anti-Bullying Ambassador, who will send a strong message to their school that bullying will not be tolerated and work with staff, students and parents to tackle the issue.

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