Mom gets nutty surprise after leaving 3-year-old alone with little brother

With beeping toys, whining kids and the constant hum of childhood chaos, moms often crave silence. However, moms also know that silence can be a sign of something much worse. Mom Gina Gardener Brown found out just how much worse when it had been a while since she’d heard any peeps from her 3-year-old daughter, Emily, and her little brother, Ethan.

In a video that’s going viral, you see Gina enter the kitchen armed with a video camera to find out just what they have been up to. There she finds Ethan atop the kitchen table absolutely covered in peanut butter from head to toe. It’s caked in his hair, dripping off his eyelids, and smoothed over his round belly. If you had a loaf of bread and some jelly, you could make more than a few sandwiches with the amount of peanut butter on his little body.

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Gina is in total disbelief as she films and listens to their explanation. “I was scrubbing him,” Emily offers. Watch, and prepare to cringe.

Gina’s reaction is perfect, because really what else are you going to do but laugh and give them a bath? She does, however, remind them not to do it again. Once is funny; twice would just be a waste of peanut butter… and patience.

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You never know what kids are going to get into, and it only takes a split second before they find a creative use for something that seems so harmless. That’s why it’s so important to lock up medicine, cleaners and other dangerous items, but also pretty much anything and everything that you don’t want to clean out of your carpet or the crevices of your children’s bodies.

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