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Lucy Liu picks a strong baby name for her surprise new addition

Congratulations to everyone’s favorite Charlie’s Angel! Lucy Liu’s big Instagram announcement welcoming her first child to the world yesterday told us two things: She has an ear for baby names, and she’s also really good at keeping a secret.

Liu’s tender Instagram shot is the kind that makes you go, “Awww.” This sweet photo of her new baby boy brings every mom back to those first beautiful moments spent holding your new baby in your arms:

But that doesn’t answer the question on everyone’s mind: If no one knew Liu was expecting, where did this baby come from? Was it possible that Liu channeled the stealthy assassin she played in Kill Bill and hid her baby bump for nine long months?

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Conspiracy theories abound, but the answer is much simpler. As Liu’s rep confirmed to Us Weekly, Liu is the proud mama of Rockwell Lloyd Liu, born via gestational carrier. This is the first child for 46-year-old Liu, who stands out from many tell-all celebs by being notoriously private about her personal life.

Liu’s baby name choice is a strong and interesting one. While many celebrities have gone way, way outside the box in their baby name choices in recent years (Kanye and Kim’s North West comes to mind), Liu is keeping it both classy and traditional. Liu hasn’t confirmed the origin of her new son’s name yet, but a solid first name like Rockwell conjures images of the classic American painter of the same name. Rockwell is a name with English origins, meaning rock, and it has been associated with people who are intuitive, compassionate, charismatic and romantic.

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Liu gave little Rockwell a middle name with an offbeat twist: Lloyd is a Welsh surname that was adopted by English speakers in the early twentieth century, originally used as a nickname for someone with gray hair. Rockwell saw a big spike in popularity in 2010, followed by a five-year slump, but it’s rising to the top again — and Liu’s celebrity endorsement certainly doesn’t hurt. Lloyd remains a tried-and-true baby name when it comes to popularity, ranked at number 298 for boys.

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With her admirable reputation as a strong and independent woman in Hollywood, Liu reflects her best traits in her baby boy’s name. Rockwell Lloyd is a commanding, memorable name that this little guy is going to grow into, and it also leaves the door open for some great nicknames. We’re pulling for Rocky Liu.

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