The 10 funniest tweets from parents this week

Parenthood is not for the faint of heart, and most of us quickly discover that being able to laugh about its twists and turns makes it a bit easier to handle.

The parents of Twitter totally get it and are never shy in letting out their frustrations and shortcomings, always making the rest of us laugh in the process. Here are some of the funniest parenting tweets from this week. Enjoy, and happy weekend!

1. Sleeping dads are the scariest animals

2. Each friend has to bring a roll to get in
3. Finally! Time for… cleaning toilets

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4. Gonna let this one play out

5. We are on the same level now

6. These are totally legitimate fears

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7. It doesn’t get any hotter

8. Best game ever

9. Revenge is sweet. And tomato-flavored

10. More like a hair-don’t

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