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7 Crazy cool things from the Internet this week your kids will love

Take a few minutes out of your busy day to cuddle up with your kiddo and marvel at these seven totally awesome, totally kid-friendly stories from the Internet this week. Happy surfing!

1. Doggy duet

National Dog Day was Wednesday, and more likely than not, you saw tons of people posting cute photos of their pooches on social media. But have you seen the video of Victor Oladipo of the Orlando Magic and his dog singing a duet together? Beyond cute. (And his caption!) — Fox Sports

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2. Coolest cake ever

Coolest parents ever. Check out this unbelievable birthday cake parents made their Transformers-obsessed 6-year-old son. The cake literally transforms after the birthday boy makes his wish! And you thought your chocolate cake was cool. — BuzzFeed

3. Vampire kitty

Meet Loki. The latest animal darling of the Internet. What sets this sweet rescue kitty apart from the rest? The fact that she’s got two pointy canine teeth that jut downward, making her look a bit… well, like a vampire! — The Huffington Post

4. Cool new trend?

Apparently in Beijing there’s a new trend. And it’s walking around with a sprout “growing” out of your head. Would you try it? — Fusion
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5. Yucky chocolate

Ever think a child would meet a piece of chocolate they didn’t like/hoard? Apparently you’ve never seen a kiddo eat dark chocolate. Prepare to crack up while you watch kids try dark chocolate for the first time in a — genius — Isreali ad for Splendid chocolate. Also, prepare to be in the mood for chocolate. — Adweek

6. Holy makeup!

Some people are just talented. And this woman who magically transforms herself into a Siberian husky using makeup is among those people. This is unreal. — BuzzFeed

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7. Yum?

Much to parents’ chagrin, kids aren’t always the best when it comes to trying new food, but these kids’ reactions to trying different foods from around the world are hilarious. The best line? “This looks like a big piece of doo surrounded by corn.” Not sure what’s grosser: this or dark chocolate. — MTV

Which story do you like best?

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