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Kids have a big problem with how the media treats women in politics (VIDEO)

When a woman runs for political office in America, nearly 10 percent of the stories about her are bound to be about her personal characteristics — her looks, her hair, her clothes.

When a man runs for office, on the other hand, just 6 percent of news stories are about him as a person. Disappointing figures for any American, but what about our kids? They’re too young to vote, so could they really be picking up on a media bias against women in politics?

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Well, yes.

In fact, put a bunch of #HatchKids in a room, read them a variety of headlines written about Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton, and their reactions say it all: shock at a headline calling the former secretary of state a “toothless hill billy,” puzzled resignation at another calling her “frazzled and frumpy.”

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The kids get it. Calling out a female politician for her appearance is wrong — and it will hurt her in the long run.

So what should we be judging politicians on? They get that too. If only the adults would listen.

To help engage your kids in a conversation about how women are treated in politics, download our activity guide PDF.

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