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GoPro captures what a kid sees on the first day of kindergarten (VIDEO)

Sending your kids off to school on their very first day of kindergarten is hard for any parent. Sure, you’re excited for them, but anxious too and more than a little bummed that you don’t get to be there to see how it all goes down. But wait… what if you could?

One dad from St. Louis County, Missouri, figured out how to see what really happens on his daughter’s first day of kindergarten: Derek Duncan strapped a GoPro camera on little Adrianna and sent her off on her way. The result is a viral video that’s sure to make any parent more than a little weepy (here’s your warning — grab your tissue box stat!).

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Uploaded to the Facebook page of the Parkway School District, where Duncan is a digital communications specialist, it’s been viewed some 200,000 times already and garnered thousands of shares. Take a look for yourself to see why:

OK, be honest, how many tissues did you use up there? We might just have you beat (and the music didn’t help).

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The fact is, sending kids off to kindergarten can be a rough emotional time for parents. It’s why some schools actually throw boohoo parties for parents on the first day of school. And it’s OK to be sad… provided you don’t have such an emotional meltdown in front of little Suzie or Johnny that they’re afraid to go to school.

But videos like this should make you feel good too, as they’re reminders that the first day of school is pretty darn awesome too.

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What did you do to make yourself feel better on your child’s first day?

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