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Poll reveals parents don’t want Miley Cyrus influencing their kids

British parents have spoken: Miley Cyrus has topped the list of the worst celebrity role models for children so her twerking, tongue-pulling and barely-there outfits have to go.

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According to the Daily Mail, a new survey conducted by asked 2,287 British parents, with at least one child under the age of 10, which celebrities they did not want their child looking up to and a whopping 78 percent gave Cyrus the boot.

The parents were reportedly asked, “Are there any celebrities you would hate for (sic) your children to idolise?” and then given a list of celebs, whose names they ticked off if they felt they were a negative influence.

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While Cyrus tops the bad girl list she’s not the only star that these parents don’t want their children idolising. Over half of the parents polled didn’t think rapper Nicki Minaj would have a positive influence on their children either. Also making the list were Kristen Stewart with 36 percent, reality TV star Kim Kardashian with 43 per cent and Rihanna with 34 per cent.

The bad boys included former One Direction star Zayn Malik, Shia LaBeouf and Joey Essex. But it was Kanye West who topped the worst celebrity role model list with 56 percent, closely followed by bad boy Justin Bieber with 55 per cent.

When the parents were asked why they didn’t consider these celebs to be a good example the common answer was, “I don’t want my child to end up going off the rails,” the Daily Mail reports.

At the other end of the spectrum, parents thought the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, was a lovely role model (she earned 34 percent of parents’ votes) and they also approve of Michelle Keegan, Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Angelina Jolie.

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And what about the men? Topping the list of nice guys was Ed Sheeran, with other celebs including Harry Styles, James Corden, Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton and Justin Timberlake.

Do you agree with the celebs these British parents have chosen? Share your list with us in the comments below.

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