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If pregnancy magazines were honest, here’s what they’d say

While there are several magazines geared toward expecting moms, their airbrushed images and overwhelmingly positive messages aren’t always helpful. Instead, here’s the cover for an honest pregnancy magazine you’d actually want to read while pregnant.

As you’re a nervous mom-to-be you’ll look anywhere for advice on surviving pregnancy and labor. There’s a ton of great information on the Internet, but if you’ve ever spent time sitting around for your OB-GYN to finish delivering a baby and come meet you for your monthly checkup, then you know from killing time in the waiting room that there are tons of pregnancy magazines out there too.

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But when you’re already emotional from all the pregnancy hormones and you just had a fight with your partner last night because you can’t come to an agreement on whether to paint the baby’s room lemon chiffon or lemon soufflé, that 10-page spread featuring professionally appointed nurseries isn’t helpful. Nor is the profile of the celebrity who lost all her baby weight in four days or the article on picking the perfect pair of pregnancy heels while you can’t remember the last time you saw your feet.

No, what pregnant women want during these long and sometimes difficult months is a magazine that’s honest. A magazine that answers the questions you really have, like whether it’s possible for there to be long-term effects to your baby if you eat an entire bag of salt and vinegar potato chips in one sitting. So here’s the pregnancy magazine we all secretly wish we had a subscription to while we were pregnant.

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If pregnancy magazines were honest

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Sadly, Real Pregnant magazine doesn’t exist, but if it did, it would rank second only to a good body pillow in terms of things that are truly helpful during a pregnancy.

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