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Being a good dad is better for your sex life, says science

We like to joke that a man doing chores is an aphrodisiac, but it turns out that’s not the only thing that gets a busy spouse’s attention.

This shouldn’t come as a shock, but it turns out men who take on their share of child care duties have better a relationship and a better sex life with their partners. The revelation comes from a recent study by sociologists at Georgia State University, who report that of 487 couples surveyed, satisfaction is highest among couples who share child-rearing duties equally.

Anyone with kids will tell you things run a lot smoother when you’ve got help, but the increase in closeness might be a good motivator to make sure Dad is doing his part. In case more quality adult time isn’t convincing enough, here are some other ways men benefit from playing Mr. Mom:

1. A better sex life


According to the Georgia State study, increased intimacy between parents translates into better, more frequent sex. After all, what’s hotter than equality and support? A body in motion tends to stay in motion, so dads, get to work, and your partner will be more likely to keep the momentum going later on — if you know what I mean.

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2. Stronger biceps from wrestling them into pajamas


Dressing kids is exactly like trying to braid an octopus, which is why moms are so thrilled when someone else volunteers to do it. Go ahead and put your dadbod to work now so you can give your partner a VIP pass to the gun show later on.

3. All-you-can-eat leftovers


Who doesn’t love an excuse to eat leftover chicken nuggets, apple slices with peanut butter, Goldfish crackers and other kid favorites? It’s a small benefit of child-rearing that you get a second chance to go to town on all your favorite treats. Little known fact: If your kid already took a bite out of it, the calories don’t count.

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4. A free pass to watch your favorite cartoons


Who says the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aren’t educational? I mean, they are named after famous artists. It’s culture and history. You’re introducing your kids to a classic. It’s a bonding experience. It also gives you a chance to work on making up lame excuses to watch television.

5. A chance to play superhero


You are Batman — or at least that’s what you tell the kids. Truth be told, they think you’re a superhero no matter what. Now go do the laundry so you have a fresh towel to use as a cape.

6. Adoring fans


Dads get a ridiculous amount of praise for taking part in simple parenting tasks. You made lunch? Swoon. You fixed your daughter’s hair? Here’s a cookie! You took them to the pediatrician? Someone get this man a medal of honor! It can be sort of annoying for moms, because we’re expected to do so much without praise, but that doesn’t mean you can’t soak up the accolades. Go ahead. Bask in the glow of ceaseless adoration. We promise to roll our eyes only a few times.

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7. The chance to act completely ridiculous


Who better to help you indulge your inner child than, well, children? You’ve got crazy ideas, they’ve got limited common sense. It’s a recipe for… things moms don’t want to witness. We’ll be in bed reading a book. With earplugs. Please don’t hurt anyone.

8. Sweet memories


Caring for kids means creating memories with them, and you’ll never regret spending precious time with the little ones who love you more than life.

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