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9 Ways to survive the agony of waiting to take a pregnancy test (GIFs)

Between charting ovulation and waiting for the pregnancy test, there’s a two-week wait that can feel excruciating.

There are so many expectations and hopes — and so many disappointments when another month ticks by without a positive pregnancy test. Most women eventually have to navigate their way through the two-week wait.

Here are a few tried-and-true tips to survive unscathed.

1. Vow not to Google “pregnancy symptoms”



Your boobs ache, you’re fatigued and your mood swings are extreme. Pregnancy, or just another month of PMS? Seriously, you cannot know, so don’t search the interwebs for your symptoms.

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2. Avoid daydreaming baby names



Or your baby’s features, or how to start saving for college. We know — it’s fun to fantasize about your future bundle of joy, but it’s more likely that you will feel the profound loss of your fantasy if you get your period right on schedule. If you love fantasy, stay safe with a daydream about a home remodel or a vacation.

3. Lower your expectations



We’re not saying that you should expect the worst. Don’t do that. But know that it’s pretty normal for couples to go several months without conceiving, despite their best efforts. If you start your course by anticipating that it could take five to six months to conceive once you start trying, you might just be pleasantly surprised at how quickly it can happen.

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4. Line up a few girls’ nights



Keep your mind busy, and keep it busy with trusted girlfriends. They don’t need to know that you’re trying; they just need to know that you want to watch a movie and unwind.

5. Good lord, avoid conception message boards



Why do we look at these things? Message boards and chat rooms are fodder for two-week wait desperation. A conception message board can be helpful during the times you’re trying, or after your period comes, or even after a miscarriage — but if you’re anything like us, they’ll just make you antsy while you wait.

6. Exercise, if your doctor allows



Never underestimate the power of aerobics or a yoga session.

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7. Be selective with your announcements



Unless you’re a glutton for punishment, don’t tell the whole world that you’re trying. Presumably, your partner knows that you’re trying. And it’s desirable, of course, to tell a trusted girlfriend or two. Your partner and a trusted friend are great supports as you go through the ups and downs of the wait. But just think — it is so much more painful to have to tell your workout buddies, your colleagues and your barista that you’re not pregnant if your period comes on schedule. They don’t need to be “in the know” about your menstruation.

8. Don’t test too early



Sure, you can pee on a stick every day for the five days leading up to your expected period. But why?

9. Make your plan



There’s a pretty good possibility that you’ll get your period this month. That’s just a fact, and it has nothing to do with your character or how much you’re hoping for different results. In the event that your period comes, have a plan for how to pamper yourself. Snuggie parties allowed.

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