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How to protect yourself from stepping on a LEGO (INFOGRAPHIC)

“Oh, go step on a LEGO, why don’t you?”

 “I’d rather step on a LEGO than go to the dentist.”

If you’ve never stepped on a LEGO, chances are you aren’t a parent or you have a strict no bare feet policy in your home. Everyone else knows good and well that stepping on one of these tiny pieces of Satan’s plastic will bring tears to the eyes of any adult… along with a few choice swear words.

Feet are one of the most sensitive parts of the body. What can be an erogenous zone or a tickle spot will be the source of searing pain if unbeknownst to you LEGOs are hiding in your carpet. These little suckers are strong and made to withstand lots of pressure… so here it is… the definitive guide to warn parents if their floor is a zone they should avoid at all costs.

Is there a LEGO on your floor

So, is there a LEGO on your floor?

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