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7 Crazy cool things from the Internet this week your kids will love

Grab your little one, and cozy up together for some laughs. Time to check out the best — most kid-centric — stories to hit the Web this week!

1. Jack-of-all-trades

You knew Bugs Bunny was a master of escapism — well, kind of — but did you know he could whip and nae nae? You’ll never look at your favorite rabbit the same after you see him breaking it down like this. Go, Bugs! — Hello Giggles

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2. Next big star?

Ever heard of a cockatiel? Ever heard Nelly’s “Dilemma”? Ever heard a cockatiel sing Nelly’s “Dilemma”? Well, you’re in luck! Check out the most talented bird out there right now. — Tastefully Offensive

3. The dangers of autocorrect

Kids, be sure to check your texts before you send them. A mom in Scotland received a cake with a blind girl on top when she really wanted a blond girl on top. Oops! — Us Weekly

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4. Puppy vs. doorstop

What’s cuter than a Cavachon puppy? A Cavachon puppy getting seriously angered — and freaked out! — by a doorstop. Let the cuteness commence… — The Huffington Post

5. Coolest art ever?

Instead of sweeping colored pencil shavings into the trash like everyone else, artist Meghan Maconochie turns them into art. Maconochie has created some of pop culture’s most iconic characters using nothing more than pencil scraps. So cool! — BuzzFeed

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6. Absolutely breathtaking

While aboard the International Space Station, astronauts witnessed a truly unbelievable sight — red and green auroras flickering above Earth. This is the most stunning video you will see all week. — Mashable

7. Crazy animals

We all know animals are more “human-like” than they lead on, and this magician proves it when he shows them magic tricks — and they react just like us! — The Huffington Post

Which story do you like best?

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