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Glee star Heather Morris’ pregnancy announcement offers double the cuteness

There must have been something in the water on the Glee set.

As loyal Gleeks already know, Naya Rivera (who plays Santana) is nearing the end of her first pregnancy, and now Heather Morris (a.k.a., Santana’s on-screen wife Brittany) just made the big announcement on Instagram that she’s expecting baby number two.

Twenty-eight-year-old Morris dropped the baby bump bomb on Wednesday when she posted an adorable pic of her petite baby belly for her Instagram followers. Morris married her high school sweetheart Taylor Hubbell in May of this year. The couple also has a young son together, Eli, born in September 2013.

Morris’s TV wifey (and real-life best friend) couldn’t be happier that they are expecting around the same time. Rivera immediately tweeted her congratulations to Morris on baby number two, “SO exciting! Congrats @HeatherMorrisTV #thegrowinghubbells.”

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For most Glee fans, it’s jarring to see your favorite stars turning up pregnant — since the show is set in high school, after all. But it helps to remember that the addicting series was on for six seasons before it wrapped with its final episode in March 2015. Peppy cheerleaders Santana and Brittany have grown up to be successful women in their late 20s.

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Considering that the Glee fan base is largely made up of tweens and teens, this is a great thing. That 12-year-old watching Glee might wonder why all her beloved high school TV stars are growing up and having babies in real life, giving a parent the perfect opportunity to explain what it looks like to be a successful working woman in today’s culture.

Maybe you can’t have it all, but these ambitious ladies are coming close. Glee stars Morris and Rivera are wildly talented and, after six years on the show, have solidified what look to be successful, sustainable careers. And in the midst of it all, these women aren’t taking the typical Hollywood route of sending mean tweets and partying.

In the wake of their big announcements, Morris and Rivera have provided their young, mostly female fan base with an important gift: Here are two women that any parent would be happy for their young daughter to look up to. Forget the Mileys and the Ariana Grandes, the talented women of Glee are telling their young female fans that you can have a successful career while building a family, if you want to.

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Congratulations to Morris not only on the new baby, but on her new leading role as a role model. She’s the kind of hard-working Hollywood mom we hope to see more of.

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